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About Quadracycle and Our Four-Wheel Bikes

Quadracycle LLC builds four-wheel pedal bikes known as quadracycles or quadricycles.  A quadracycle is a human-powered "bicycle" although it has four wheels and can transport one, two, three, four, or more people, depending on the model.

Our quadracycle pedal cycles are ruggedly built with 21-speed derailleur gears, rack and pinion steering, dual [drum] brakes, powder-coat paint finish in 6 colors, adjustable padded seat, 24" tires, and suspension front axle for more stability.

Quadracycle Four-wheel Pedal Bicycle

Quadracycles [quadricycles] are a pleasure to ride, easy on the back, knees, and torso, and comfortable for hours.  Ride them for recreation or pleasure, transportation, shopping, or cardio-vascular exercise to keep you in peak health in a fun and entertaining way by pedaling your quadracycle.

Our four-wheel pedal bicycles are really a feat of engineering and ingenuity that require true skill and painstaking attention to each detail to create.  Photographs hardly do justice to these 'bikes' -- but you can visit us and ride one to truly experience what they can do. We use the term 'bike' loosely because it means 'two wheels' and ours have four wheels, but quadracycle vehicles are so much more than two extra wheels and pedals.

Quadracycle LLC is based in the Arthur, Illinois area, in the heart of a close-knit community.  We work to make the best possible product built by people with extraordinary attention to detail and a commitment to uncompromising workmanship who also understand the daily joy and inherent challenges of cycling.  

Call us at (309) 678-6547 to find out more, or order your new Quadracycle from our website for delivery in just a few weeks.

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